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April 10, 2020



Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have postponed the Biennial Training Workshop originally scheduled for May 14, 2020. The seminar will now be held on September 17, 2020. Please contact us for details or if you need an additional sign-up sheet.


A Random Selection Letter for the Second Quarter of 2020 is included in this mailing. Selected individuals will be listed on the selection page behind the official Random Selection Letter. If you, as the DER, are selected, this serves as your notification and you must complete the test immediately. Please contact us by email during this time if you need help finding a location or would like to make an appointment to come to Flightline. Please refer to the email contact list below. 

You may have selections that still need to be completed from the First Quarter Random Selection. If this is the case and you are being affected by COVID-19 or are having trouble with collection sites affected by COVID-19, document it. Once your employees come back to work, you can complete the random selection as long as it is within the same calendar year. While the FAA would like these tests completed within the quarter they are selected, you do have the opportunity to roll them over to the next quarter under the current circumstances. It is important, however, that you remember three things:

  1. Document, document, document! Document issues and steps taken during this time.
  2. Remember that random tests will expire at the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2020). You cannot roll a Fourth Quarter 2020 selection to the First Quarter of 2021.
  3. Once you notify the employee of a random selection, he/she must report immediately for the test.
  4. If the same employee is selected in the new Second Quarter Random Selection AND has a pending random from the first quarter, you must ensure they are “reasonably” spread out from one another. Do not get them done on the same day.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has skewed the random testing profile, please know that we are working diligently on the backend to make certain you maintain compliance during this time and for the entire 2020 calendar year. We ask that you complete your random selections as soon as practicable to ensure this.



The FAA Regulations do not require an employer to pre-employment drug test an employee who was on extended leave unless his or her employment was severed; however, the FAA believes it is a best practice to perform a pre-employment test on an employee who returns from an absence longer than 60 days.

As an employer, you are permitted to conduct a pre-employment test when the following criteria are met:

  1. The individual previously performed a safety-sensitive function for you and is not being rehired or transferred into a safety-sensitive function;
  2. The employee was removed from the random testing pool for reasons other than a verified positive test result on an FAA-mandated drug test or a refusal to submit to such testing; and
  3. The individual will be returning to the performance of a safety-sensitive function.

It is important for employers to have a consistent policy in place that addresses this issue to ensure that each individual is treated fairly.


In accordance with 14 CFR § 120.109(a)(3), an employer must conduct another pre-employment drug test and receive a negative result if more than 180 days (or 6 months) elapsed since the first test and when you hire an applicant for, or transfer an employee into, a safety-sensitive position. For example, if you pre-employment drug test an employee on January 1, 2019 and did not hire him or her until September 1, 2019, you must conduct a new pre-employment drug test and have a negative result before hire.  Once an individual is hired, or an employee is transferred into a safety-sensitive position, this provision would no longer apply.


Contrary to popular belief, the FAA is still inspecting companies during this pandemic. The FAA has moved to never-seen-before “virtual inspections” via phone or video conferencing. We are doing everything we can to help our clients with documents that are being required to be scanned and sent electronically to the inspectors. Please contact us if you have been contacted by the FAA Drug Abatement Division so that we can help you.


eScreen (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com - eScreen Department for ordering drug and alcohol testing electronically

Accounting (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com – Accounting department for invoice or billing questions

Updates (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com – for any company or personnel updates.

Info (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com – General inquiries

Terri (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com – Medical Review Officer Assistant – contact for assistance with test results

James (AT) flightlinedrugtesting.com – President – contact for any other issues/questions.


We know these are challenging times for everyone. We are doing our best adjusting to a remote workplace as we know many of you are too. With that being said, we are still here for you. We are currently accepting collections by appointment only and will advise everyone once we open for walk-ins. While we have maintained a strict cleanliness structure for our office we want you to know that additional tasks have been implemented to ensure the safety of both our staff and your employees including: More frequent hand washing, readily available hand sanitizer, and Lysol/Clorox used after each collection in all areas of the collection to name a few. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance during this time.