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October 10, 2019



A key point that helps you with your inspection is having us provide a pre-audit inspection either in person or telephonically to prepare the information and help with some of the questions that will be asked during the inspection. There is always a short interview by the FAA prior to the inspection to find out how many employees you have hired in the last two years and other information, such as positive results or reasonable suspicion testing. This is to gage how long their inspection might take them so they can plan accordingly. We also provide you with a Points of Contact form neatly typed out for you to send to the FAA, once you receive their letter and details for the inspection. Send the cover letter and Points of Contact to us for processing.


The list of those employees selected for random testing is sent to you in absolute confidence at the beginning of each quarter. It is your responsibility to avoid having any selected employee notified prior to the actual time that the test is to take place.  You can coordinate the duty times with our mobile collector or with your fixed collection facility. Please note that once the employee has been notified, the collection/test process must be done immediately. You may not delay the collection.  Should a person be notified for random testing and not comply, that person may be deemed by the FAA to have refused a test, the penalties for which are substantial.  If your own name is chosen, you must present yourself for testing immediately upon receipt of the list.  This is your notification! The last quarter of 2019 is enclosed. Random selections expire at the end of the year and  CARRYOVERS TO 2020 ARE NOT ALLOWED.

If your random collection is done at a fixed facility rather than by one of our mobile collectors, please be sure that both the collection site and the employee being tested know whether the testing is for Drugs only or for both Drugs and Alcohol. Using an authorization form can ensure accuracy and compliance. Errors in this matter can be costly!


We are approaching that season when the “common cold” is ubiquitous. It’s been a while since we have read the statistics regarding the incidence of the common cold and its functional and economic effect on businesses. The cumulative loss to businesses blamed upon the common cold runs into the billions.

The “cold” is caused by one of several rhinoviruses which like all viruses, mutate from year to year so that no two colds are ever quite the same from a microbiological standpoint, but the symptoms are pretty much the same: runny nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and general malaise. Duration is 5-8 days. The usual remedies are rest (bed rest if able), fluids (chicken soup is really excellent!), and over-the-counter cold remedies (though some think that anti-histamines should be avoided).

PROBLEM: What employee in need of a day’s pay is going to let a runny nose keep him of her away from the office? What macho guy is going to give up a day’s work in the shop or worse, piloting an aircraft, because of a few sneezes?  RIGHT! They take some aspirin, grab a box of tissues and go to work where they promptly contaminate the workplace and virtually guarantee that one or more of the other employees will be sick in a few days!

Because of the strong likelihood that this scenario will affect most businesses during the coming fall/winter season, we recommend that you take a few precautions. First, ask people with colds to stay away if at all feasible. Second, provide antibacterial (alcohol) washes and wipes for everyone and urge their use. Third, hand washing should be almost an obsession! Provide for sanitary disposal of used tissues and hand wipes into specified plastic bags so that they never have to be handled directly again. As much as possible, isolate those who have an active cold, Be sure that a sick person wipes off the telephone hand piece with an alcohol wipe after using it  and before the next person brings it into close contact. If at all possible, have some maintenance worker assigned to wiping off handrails, elevator buttons and door handles with an alcohol based antibacterial solution.

Sound like a lot?  If you can do it, it will pay off in dividends by keeping your employees gainfully employed.



Caution on how this process is worth repeating, since the inspectors from the FAA Drug Abatement Division recently found that a company made an error that had a major proposed fine of almost $50,000~~! So extreme caution and due diligence is required when hiring somebody into a safety sensitive position. Everybody should know that a Pre-Employment Drug Test and a Drug Test Result is required BEFORE the HIRING PROCESS COMMENCES. Dates are important to ensure that this process is done accurately. At the same time, care needs to be taken to send a RELEASE OF INFORMATION form to each employer that the prospective hire has worked for in a safety sensitive position in the last two (2) years. This information has to be returned to you within 30 days. If there are delays then the person has to STOP DOING SAFETY SENSITIVE WORK until the information is returned to you indicating what their previous drug testing history has been. Please be careful in obtaining this information. For assistance, call Flightline Drug Testing.


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Aside from the many other negative consequences of the prolonged struggle against terrorism is the fact that Afghanistan, always a major supplier of opium to the world, has increased its opium poppy acreage by a significant multiple. This is a crop that the embattled peasants resort to in desperation as their country’s economy is devastated. Naturally, the supply of heroin and hashish is increased in the illicit drug trade.

European sources indicate that they are seeing an increase in heroin use. We haven’t seen any statistics from the U.S. We at Flightline have not seen any such increase and that probably has to do with the demographics of our clients. But, increased availability will certainly lead to increased use so we must be vigilant at all levels.

The purity of the heroin these days is such that it is probably snorted as much or more than it is injected. This makes the user harder to identify. Those who snort will have nasal irritation (with or without bleeding) along with a dulled affect, impaired performance and withdrawal from groups


Flightline/BTI can provide you with the most up-to-date diverse investigative support for your company. You may only need a simple level 1 background check this week and then next week your company may require a due diligence investigation involving a hundred million dollar transaction. Simple background investigations can reveal potential issues prior to hiring staff members. DUI and other infractions might warrant further diligence on the part of your company before a hire occurs. The staff at Flightline/ BTI has over twenty five years of law enforcement and investigative experience. These investigators pride themselves on having the ability, knowledge and contacts worldwide to assist you with your needs. Please do not hesitate to call us for an initial consultation