Flightline’s Training Program for Supervisors and Employees

To maintain compliance with 14 CFR Part 120 Subpart E and Subpart F, we encourage you to maintain the official training programs for both employees and supervisors in DVD format.Follow this link for complete details.


14 CFR Part 120.115(3)(4) and 14 CFR Part 120.223(b) require initial and recurrent supervisor training, in order to ensure that supervisors overseeing safety sensitive employees are authorized to determine when an employee is subject to testing based on reasonable cause. This training is on specific, contemporaneous physical, behavioral and performance indicators of probable drug use.

America’s first drug testing administrator, Flightline Drug Testing, has released a new version of our Video Re-Training course for Supervisors, in order to make it easier to satisfy this yearly responsibility. You may choose the date to take the course, as long as you take it in the same month, each year.


Supervisors: Please contact Flightline for your online training video password!

A link will appear at the end of the video with your Supervisor Training Certification Form. Please print the form and either scan and email or fax it back to Flightline for your Official Certificate.

Also, please document the completion of your training on your “Supervisor Training Log” and notify your D.E.R.

If you need another copy, please contact Flightline Drug Testing at (954) 635-2098 or [email protected].

Don’t forget to mark this training session down again in your calendar for next year!

Supervisor Training Video

Employee Training

Before hiring or transferring an employee into a safety-sensitive position, verify that you have received a negative pre-employment drug test result. For more information on the Pre-Employment process, please download our Pre-Employment Process Checklist here…

link will appear at the end of the video for a short quiz on the topics discussed in the video.

In addition to the training video below, employees will need to download and review a copy of the DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance's "What Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing" HERE

Please notify your company’s D.E.R. upon completion.

Employee Training Video

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